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From Curacao, this liqueur’s history noteworthy. In 1499 the conquering Spaniards brought Valencia oranges to the island hoping for a rich harvest in the New World. But the difference in climate and soil conditions yielded only an inedible, bitter fruit that was quickly abandoned and left to grow wild. Decades later it was discovered that the peels of this orange contained an oil with a pleasant fragrance. After experimentation a recipe came to the Senior family who mingled it with exotic spices until they found a unique drink which they called Curacao Liqueur.

This gift set includes:

– The Genuine Curacao Liqueur Green 50 ml.
– The Genuine Curacao Liqueur Orange 50 ml.
– The Genuine Curacao Liqueur Blue 50 ml.
– The Genuine Curacao Liqueur White 50 ml.
– The Genuine Curacao Liqueur Red 50 ml.

*Please note: packaging on gift sets may vary slightly.

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